Author: Matt Moore

Evangelical group wants LGBTQ people to be removed from anti-lynching bill

Israel Medical Association bans the use of gay ‘cure’ therapy

Amandla Stenberg to be honoured for her fight for LGBTQ equality

LGBTQ rights hero Lord Michael Cashman set to publish memoirs next year

Lena Waithe would like to see a “really gay ass black person” host the Oscars

Study finds that three out of ten LGBTQ youth in California are mocked by their families because of their identity

Simon Fuller confirms a Spice Girls animated movie is coming

Nigerian actress and model Alli Ojo comes out as a lesbian

Amber Heard reveals she came out to challenge the “taboo” surrounding bisexuality

Lithuania court rules that residence permits need to be granted to same-sex foreign spouses

Anti-gay pastor forced to step down after allegedly cheating on wife with prostitutes

Calum Scott reveals how writing emotional ballad No Matter What helped him feel “liberated”

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