Author: Matt Moore

Leo Varadkar will raise LGBTQ rights with the Pope when he visits Ireland

Laverne Cox might be working on a trans character for a comic-book movie

Church of Scotland minister apologises to the LGBTQ community at Perthshire Pride

David Schwimmer has been cast as a recurring love interest for the latest season of Will & Grace

Over 20,000 people sign petitions calling for New Zealand to ban ‘conversion therapy’

Ontario is going to face a legal challenge over its removal of LGBTQ-inclusive sex education

Turkey won’t perform in Eurovision again because of LGBTQ contestants

Supreme Court in Costa Rica rules that same-sex marriage must be legal within 18 months

Naruto villain Orochimaru has come out as gender non-binary

President of Ghana assures church leaders that he has no plans to decriminalise homosexuality

Lena Waithe is producing a new black gay comedy for HBO

Governmental body warns NHS England to offer transgender patients fertility treatments or face legal action

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