Steffen Prößdorf

The move is a way the club will be commemorating Remembrance Day in German Football.

Manuel Neuer, the captain of FC Bayern Munich, is to wear a rainbow wristband in tomorrow’s (30 January) game against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

The move comes as Bayern Munich aims to promote tolerance and diversity and commemorate Remembrance Day in German Football.

It is just one of many gestures, as the club’s Allianz Arena will be lit up with rainbow colours, and the interior will be redesigned accordingly.

The club confirmed that the move was also being taken to honour one of its past presidents, Angelo Knorr, who served from 1907 to 1913.

Knorr was a chemist and in 1913 was arrested after a male prostitute he’d been with gave his name during an interrogation. Proceedings against Knorr were eventually dropped, and he died in 1932 following a stroke.

In a press release, the club note how the LGBTQ+ community were persecuted under the Nazi regime as they were “stigmatised as abnormal.”

The press release also says how the women’s team, reserves and FC Bayern basketball will also wear “this symbol of tolerance” to promote diversity, stating: “Once again, the German record champions make it clear: ‘Mia san bunt’! (‘we are varied’).”

Current president of Bayern Munich, Herbert Hainer, said: “FC Bayern looks back not just at a long, successful sporting tradition – the club has also been known for a tolerant and liberal world view since its foundation a good 121 years ago.

“On the occasion of this year’s Remembrance Day, we would particularly like to commemorate our former President Angelo Knorr, who was arrested for his homosexuality.

“As the predecessor of Kurt Landauer, he played a key role in the development of our club. We are grateful to him to this day.

“It is one of the irrevocable human rights to be able to live freely. We stand up for the liberal values of our society. It is important to us to create awareness and to help break down prejudices. That is why FC Bayern says very clearly: Mia san bunt!”

And CEO Karl Heinz-Rummenigge, said: “As a cosmopolitan club, FC Bayern stands for tolerance and diversity. Homophobia, hatred and exclusion of any kind should not play a role in this world.

“On the occasion of Remembrance Day 2021, the football family wants to point out once again that tolerance in every form must be a matter of course in our society. We are all challenged to live by this attitude: on the football field, in the stands and in our everyday life.

“We know our fans share this world view – and that makes us proud. In the end, this is about the attitude of each and every one of us, and about creating a climate of tolerance. I’ve said it many times and I’d like to say it again: Mia san bunt!”

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