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The legendary actor had a defiant messages for homophobes.

Doctor Who and Torchwood star John Barrowman celebrated his anniversary with his husband, Scott Gill, earlier in the week.

In an adorable Twitter video, John announced it was the couple’s anniversary, while Scott attempted to stay asleep next to him.

After kissing his husband, John hit out at those who might take issue with the kiss, saying: “And if the trolls don’t like that, let them ban the Instagram account.”

As Scott continued trying to sleep, John asked how many years it’d been since they married, with Scott responding: “Too many.”

John finished the video by going to get Scott some coffee, and after a request for iced cinnamon buns, he added: “I’ll go ice my ass up.”

In an update, he posted: “I iced and baked and gave him my fresh hot buns dripping with icing (as Scott says) Anniversary update.”

John and Scott, who met in 1991, initially entered into civil partnership in 2006, with a small ceremony in Cardiff, before converting it into a marriage in 2013 after the US Supreme Court denied an appeal against the reversal of California Proposition 8.

John is about to make another triumphant return to Doctor Who as the omnisexual Time Agent, Captain Jack Harkness, in its upcoming New Year’s Special, Revolution of the Daleks. The episode will mark the first time that Captain Jack has met the female Doctor.

Captain Jack was the first openly LGBTQ+ character in the show’s history when he was introduced and he flirted with human and alien alike, something which was continued and explored further in the show’s spin-off, Torchwood.

And Doctor Who isn’t John’s only upcoming TV appearance, as he’s returning as a judge for Dancing on Ice, which is set to return on 17 January. Last series, the show had its first same-sex pairing, in Ian ‘H’ Watkins and Matt Evers, and the pair’s first performance reduced the judge to tears.

“That makes me happy on a complete multitude of levels, just because of seeing two men who represent someone who is like me and to skate as well as you did, you’ve done it now, the nerves are out of the way,” he said.

“We’ve shown that two men can perform and skate together so now do the tricks. I’m overwhelmed, I am almost speechless, it was just wonderful.”

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