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Adverts with LGBTQ references continue to receive complaints

Malaysian authorities are attacking transgender rights – here’s how you can help stop it

LGBTQ History Month is an important opportunity for us to recognise our shared history

There’s a surge of anti-LGBTQ hate taking over Paraguay

Offline social networks – how gay men and women met before the internet

“Being gay in my county means there’s always a huge fear of being beaten by homophobes.”

“When you need to unleash real power on stage, fucking with gender is a great place to start.”

“People like me try and fill our lives with anything but ourselves, because we don’t think we’re worth anything”

“Not only do I fear straight white working class blokes, I also fear the gay white men who populate bars in Soho.”

“Why should our love be sacrificed for Mr Putin or Mr Poroshenko?!”

“MEATliquor Queensway is like a glorious adult fun fair where you are left wanting nothing” – review

Pancakes, art and world-class culture – there’s more to the Netherlands capital than “the city of sin”

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