Photo: MTV

MTV has announced a camp new show that sees LGBTQ+ celebrities discuss the iconic pop culture moments that shaped their queer experience.

Hosted by activist Munroe Bergdorf and Drag Race UK star Tayce, Queerpiphany released its first episode with guest Nick Grimshaw on 11 November.

Chatting with Tayce and Munroe, Nick opened up about gay representation on In Bed with Madonna as the trio shared a cocktail.

The star-studded lineup continues throughout the digital series, with the second instalment seeing Tia Kofi discuss John Paul and Craig’s gay storyline in Hollyoaks.

“I had a heterosexual best friend and we sort of were having a similar energy and our friends spent a lot of time referring to us as John Paul and Craig,” the Drag Race UK contestant tells the hosts. “We had the occasional little smooch among other things.”

Tia continues: “I think it was quite important for me, ‘cause I was sort of exploring myself and learning about my own feelings at the time. And being able to watch people who were playing the same sort of age that I was, and experiencing the same thing was super, super important.”

Queerpiphany’s third episode will see Becky Hill talk about being outed and how Willow from Buffy provided her with her queer awakening.

She says: “I was kind of semi-outed on Twitter, which I was quite here for, luckily, ‘cause that could’ve gone one or two ways. But no, I was totally ready for this whole stage of my life, I feel so much more happier that I can call myself queer and be in this space now.”

Also making appearances will be Florence Given, Riyadh Khalaf and Travis Alabanza.

The chemistry between Tayce and Munroe is clear in each episode, with Tayce calling the latter a “magnificent” co-host.

She said: “Hosting my own show–me? Like this? Yes! I’m so excited to team up with the magnificent Munroe and some amazing special guests to relive all of our favorite, campiest moments. You know, pop culture is such a big part of the queer community and I’ve loved hearing how it has shaped everyone in different ways.”

Munroe added that she hopes viewers “will relate” to the discussions that are had on Queerpiphany.

“I absolutely loved working with Tayce and all of our incredible guests for this exciting new series,” Munroe explained. “It’s been an honor to hear all of their memories and the impact these cultural moments had on their queer experiences. I hope that everyone who watches will relate to these wonderful shared experiences too.”

Queerpiphany was executive produced by Chris Smith and Jonathan Pascoe for MTV, with the show’s title being defined as “a moment in pop culture or world events that stuck out to you as a young queer person, and helped to make you feel seen, validated, and empowered.”

Queerpiphany is available to stream across MTV International’s YouTube and Facebook channels, with new episodes arriving every Thursday at 7pm GMT.