Doctor Who has finally confirmed the romantic relationship between Yas and The Doctor.

Since the arrival of Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor, LGBTQ+ fans have shipped the beloved character with her companion Yasmin Khan – who is played by Mandip Gill.

During the show’s New Year special, Yas finally confessed her feelings for the Doctor after multiple episodes of romantic tension.

After the episode aired, the show’s creatives confirmed that the character’s queer romance would be explored in the Easter special, Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils.

In an interview with Radio Times, series co-writer Ella Road said that the pair’s relationship in the aforementioned episode would be handled “delicately”.

Fortunately, in Whittaker’s penultimate appearance as the Doctor, the series followed through with its queerest episode to date.

In the Easter special, the Doctor, Yas and Dan found themselves in 19th century China battling it out with Sea Devils.

While helping the pirate queen Zheng Yi Sao, the two characters shared a bittersweet moment about going on a future date.

“You know what I said earlier about not being a bad date?” the Doctor asked Yas.

“Dates are not something I really do. I mean, I used to. Have done. And if I was going to, believe me: it would be with you.”

The duo then revisited their romantic feelings in the episode’s last scene – which featured The Doctor discussing her inability to fix herself to anyone.

“I can’t fix myself to anything, anywhere, or anyone. I’ve never been able to. That’s what my life is,” Whittaker’s character explained.

“I think you’re one of the greatest people that I’ve ever known… if it was going to be anyone, it’d be you. But I can’t.

“Not because I don’t want to, because I might. But if I do fix myself to somebody, I know sooner or later it’ll hurt… Can we just live in the present of what we have, while we still have it?”

In response to the heart-wrenching statement, Yas encouraged the Doctor to make a wish by skipping a stone along the ocean.

After throwing the rock, she said: “I wish this could go on forever.”

Since the episode premiered, fans have swarmed social media to praise the show for the heartfelt moments between Yas and the Doctor.

One fan wrote: “This is the most beautiful scene in all of Doctor Who. I don’t care.”

Another user tweeted: “We all know Thasmin won’t last, it’s just how Doctor Who works. It’s gonna be sad and we’re all gonna cry, but the fact that they handled Thasmin so delicately and with so much care and brought on queer writers… that’s the best thing in the world. They really cared.”

Whittaker’s last episode as the 13th Doctor is set to air later this Autumn.

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