9-1-1: Lone Star creator has teased what’s in store for fan favourite couple Tarlos during the season four finale.  

Since its debut in 2020, the beloved emergency drama has received widespread acclaim for its diverse and inclusive casting. It even landed a nomination for Outstanding Drama Series at the GLAAD Media Awards.

The series has also gained notoriety for featuring power couple Tyler Kennedy “TK” Strand (Ronen Rubinstein) and Carlos Reyes (Rafael Silva) – who have become one of the most ‘shipped’ TV relationships in recent memory.

While the beloved characters have delivered some of the show’s most adorable moments, they have also endured their fair share of relationship drama, including a shocking breakup.

Fortunately for Tarlos fans, the pair reunited at the end of season three with a romantic engagement. 

Throughout season four, viewers have watched as the happy couple prepares for their highly anticipated wedding. 

While the ceremony will surely be a hit with fans, 9-1-1: Lone Star co-creator Tim Minear teased that the event is also set to be a dramatic affair. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the showrunner revealed that tragedy would strike Tarlos’ “big gay wedding.” 

“It’s going to be a beautiful wedding – we shot it already, and I think it’s going to be really emotional,” Minear teased. 

“Although I don’t know if I want to tease that, because what’s going to really happen is tragedy will strike, and the entire things will be put into question.” 

In addition to teasing a Tarlos wedding tragedy, Minear warned that the episode – set to release on 16 May – may upset some fans. 


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“I mean, I took myself off Twitter, mostly because I was tired of people telling me to F off, which you get a lot of that when you run a show,” he explained. 

“But I know that there’s a lot of enthusiasm around it. And look, any fandom feels a certain ownership over the characters and the stories. And that’s good. That means that they love it and that they feel invested.” 

He went on to say that while he can’t include everything that Tarlos enthusiasts want to see, viewers will be “moved” by the TV wedding. 

“I mean, the cast was. There was a moment during the reception that plays into sort of the last minutes of the episode, and the entire cast was in tears. They weren’t acting. They were just all incredibly moved,” he added. 

Minear’s interview comes a few days after 9-1-1: Lone Star was renewed by Fox. 

Following the renewal, Rubinstein posted a video celebrating the news.

“Let’s fucking go, baby! Season five y’all, we did it!” he said.

“Thank you to everyone that helps making this show possible. This show is a wild one, and it takes multiple villages to make it happen. Thank you to everybody involved: the cast, the writers, the producers, the directors, the crew, everybody.

“And to you guys, the best fans in the fucking world… Excuse my language, I’m just too hyped right now. I love you guys, this one’s for you.”

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