Lil Nas X has shared a candid update regarding his upcoming music in a new interview.

Over the last few years, LNX has dominated the music industry with his commercially successful singles and larger-than-life music videos.

Back in 2021, the Old Town Road rapper dropped his critically acclaimed debut album Montero – which featured his chart-topping releases MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) and Industry Baby (featuring Jack Harlow).

Since that fateful day, fans have been clamouring for more new music from the 23-year-old performer.

In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, LNX shared an unfiltered update on his upcoming music releases.

“My creative spirit is honestly in the garbage can. I want to be completely honest. But I feel like it’s coming back,” he explained.

“Yeah, I’m not worried because I know it’s going to come, and I know it’s going to be the best sh*t I’ve ever made thus far. I’m just confident in that, and I’m just happy to be in the in-between right now.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the Grammy winner opened up about receiving words of encouragement from pop icon Madonna.

“She came to my show last night, and it was a full circle moment because she brought me back to her show in 2019,” he told Lowe.

However, before the two could share a “good conversation,” the Scoop singer revealed that he had to abruptly leave due to him having to “sh*t from nervousness.”

“That’s exactly what I had to tell her when I went out onto the stage. But she told me she’s going to be there and rooting for me stuff like that,” he continued.

“And that was really cute and sweet. And I was like, ‘That’s so dope. Madonna’s at my f**king show, bro.”

Towards the end of his interview, LNX opened up about his latest single Star Walkin – which was released in partnership with League of Legends.

“Making this song was a lot of fun. I had the verses forever, and it took, no joke, 30 different, 40 different 50, I don’t know how many different hooks, to get the hook to a place where I’m, ‘Okay, this is something I like. That’s cool.’ But overall, I had a fun time in the studio,” he explained.

Here’s to hoping that the beloved artist will rejuvenate his creative spirit.

Check out Lil Nas X’s full interview with Zane Lowe here or below.