RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Cheryl Hole has responded to bigots accusing her of “mocking women” simply for doing drag.

The queen appeared in the penultimate week of heats on Celebrity MasterChef, something which resulted in her facing instant backlash from trolls on social media after she explained the importance of LGBTQ+ representation on screen.

“I mean we’re in a day and age where I feel like the movement is going a bit backwards, there’s more hate crimes,” she told the BBC.

“We’ve just had an attack on LGBTQ+ community in Clapham the other day. I don’t understand what’s happening in the world and to have representation for our community, to have voices and stories heard, shows we are nothing to be feared.

“We’re light, laughter and entertainment. We’re just here for a good time and to make sure everyone is looked after.”

Despite saying nothing controversial in the interview, Cheryl faced an array of homophobic hate when it was shared to the outlet’s social media.

“He’s a woman now is he? I thought he was a drag queen?” one person wrote, ignoring the fact that Cheryl was never referred to as a woman in the article.

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“How does this female impersonator fit in the LGBTQIA++++++++++?” someone else asked.

Another said: “The media in this country appear to have decided that gay and lesbian people are solely represented by men dressed as misogynist grotesque caricatures of women. Because that appears to all they bombard us all with.”

Cheryl initially responded to the pile on with a lighthearted comment on August: “Sitting here chuckling at all these replies of people getting angry for me cooking a bit of food.”

Later that day and after trending on Twitter, she issued a lengthier statement after being accused of misogyny.

“All I will say is people clearly don’t understand the art form of drag and it’s celebration of women. Women shaped me into the person I am today either through music, their words of wisdom or support. In no way do we mock women at all, so to throw that argument at me is in vain,” Cheryl wrote on Twitter.

“People can continue to hurl abuse at me, liken my work to ‘woman face’ but at the end of the day. This has all stemmed from me speaking up and using my platform on the hate that is directed to our community. And you’ve proved everyone right.”

She went on to ask people to “enjoy” her episode of Celebrity MasterChef, as it’s just a “lighthearted entertainment cooking show” where all she is doing is “using a few pots and pans and an oven”.

Cheryl is best known for competing in the first season of Drag Race UK and UK vs the World.

She will soon make her return to the West End in Gals Aloud for one night only on 16 September.