RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Cheryl Hole has brushed off homophobic trolls infuriated by her appearing on the new season of Celebrity MasterChef.

The queen appears in the penultimate week of heats on the cooking show and, speaking to the BBC ahead of it airing, explained why LGBTQ+ representation on screen is more important than ever.

“I mean we’re in a day and age where I feel like the movement is going a bit backwards, there’s more hate crimes,” she explained.

“We’ve just had an attack on LGBTQ+ community in Clapham the other day. I don’t understand what’s happening in the world and to have representation for our community, to have voices and stories heard, shows we are nothing to be feared.

“We’re light, laughter and entertainment. We’re just here for a good time and to make sure everyone is looked after.”

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Despite saying nothing controversial in the interview, Cheryl faced an array of homophobic backlash when it was shared to the outlet’s social media.

“He’s a woman now is he? I thought he was a drag queen?” one person wrote, ignoring the fact that Cheryl was never referred to as a woman in the article.

“How does this female impersonator fit in the LGBTQIA++++++++++?” someone else asked.

Another said: “The media in this country appear to have decided that gay and lesbian people are solely represented by men dressed as misogynist grotesque caricatures of women. Because that appears to all they bombard us all with.”

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A third added: “Except you actually mean trans ideology and all the political baggage that comes with it. Sod off BBC.”

Instead of letting the trolls bother her, Cheryl took to social media to share that she has been “chuckling” at the comments being made.

“Sitting here chuckling at all these replies of people getting angry for me cooking a bit of food,” she told followers.

Her fans instantly showed their support for the star.

“I’ve sat and blocked as many as I could,” one told her. “They may seem loud here but they’re such a minority. Keep your head up!”

“You are the moment,” another assured Cheryl.

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“Insane amount of projection in the replies,” a third affirmed.

Cheryl is best known for competing in the first season of Drag Race UK and UK vs the World.

She will soon make her return to the West End in Gals Aloud for one night only on 16 September.