RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Sasha Velour has revealed whether or not she would ever return to the franchise as a competitor.

The star memorably won season nine of the show, beating out fierce competition from the likes of Peppermint, Shea Couleé and Trinity the Tuck.

Speaking to Dua Lipa on the At Your Service podcast, Sasha said she is up for “anything” after being asked if she would return as a Lip-Sync Assassin or to compete on a second all-winners season.

“Yeah, I’m happy to use the platform to try to reach more people,” they told the singer-songwriter.

“I love sharing what I do. And I think I’ve changed a lot since I was on TV, so many people’s only frame of reference for drag is Drag Race; and I want to fight that a little bit, push back, tell people to go and support local shows to follow what their favourite queens do after the show.

“But I also got to work with this system as it is and if going back on Drag Race means I get a chance to show people how much I’ve learned and how much work I’ve done…I would love to do that.

“I feel like I’m gonna be a totally heightened drag queen since they last saw me. So I think it would be pretty fun.”

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Sasha, who is best known for her finale lip-sync where she shook rose petals out of her wig, said she has been working on “new kinds of ridiculous reveals”.

“I feel like they’re definitely Drag Race ready ones, I don’t want to spoil anything, but I try to pop out and have things pop out of me in ways people have not seen before,” she teased.

Discussing her drag persona more generally, Sasha said she wishes she had the “confidence of the armour of drag” in her everyday life.

“I’m trying to learn to carry that with me,” she continued. “That’s one of the reasons I’ve turned to drag is because I wanted to imagine myself as a more powerful being who knew how to take up space in the world. And I have to remember that I’m the same person. So if I could do it on stage, but somehow the character, the setting, the lights, the audience – it helps make it.”

You can listen to the podcast episode in full here.