Jujubee spilled the T on how she intends to win Drag Race UK vs the World after making the finale three times and never emerging victorious.

By appearing on the upcoming international rendition of Drag Race, Jujubee has made herstory as the queen to appear on the most seasons of the show as a contestant.

In an exclusive interview with the BBC prior to entering the Werk Room, the Boston native said that her only explanation for returning this many times is enjoying “torture.”

“People might think I’m crazy for doing this again,” she told the broadcaster. “But I like torture! I’ve been everywhere and that’s because of Drag Race.”

The 37-year-old added that when you get a call from RuPaul, “you answer and you do exactly what she wants you to do!”

Jujubee is one of the most beloved queens across the entire Drag Race franchise, but after appearing on season two, All Stars 1 and All Stars 5, she is yet to win a season.

The queen revealed that she’ll be switching up her game tactics this time around to ensure that she leaves with a crown.

“The way I’m going to play this game is by manipulating those other bitches to keep me there,” Jujubee told the BBC. “I’ll befriend them, I’ll get to know everything about them, digging through their trash, peeping into their windows while they are sleeping… and then I’ll use their truth against them. Because I’m a sneaky fucking bitch!”

Jujubee has never not made the finale on any of her three Drag Race seasons, which she doesn’t see changing anytime soon.

She said: “There’s no way that I’m not getting to the top every single time. I am a pro at this competition.

“These girls can learn something from me! Ru might as well just give me the crown now! I’ll buy a farm, have a whole bunch of chickens and cats – I won’t bother her anymore!”

The upcoming instalment will see the queens of Drag Race UK compete against some of the most sickening performers from other global editions of the franchise, including the original US version, Canada’s Drag Race, Drag Race Holland and Drag Race Thailand.

The series was filmed in London and features UK panelists RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Graham Norton and Alan Carr.

Drag Race UK vs the World premieres 1 February on BBC Three. You can watch the full Meet the Queens video below or by clicking here.