Netflix has released two steamy teasers for Élite season seven featuring pop superstar Anitta.

On 28 October, the popular Spanish teen drama will finally return to the streamer with a new batch of episodes. 

The upcoming season is set to “tackle mental health” and introduce a new crop of Las Escinas students alongside the return of series veterans like Omar Shanaa, played by Omar Ayuso. 

“In this new season, Omar is living a new life at the university and far away from Las Encinas, but he is unable to move on. The guilt he feels for Samuel’s death and the suffering from that period are still very much present, leading him to undergo therapy,” the synopsis reads.

“Thanks to an internship, he decides to return to the school where everything happened to confront his demons face to face. Through Omar’s journey we will discover that the rest of the students are also silently battling their own hells. Elite’s season 7 will tackle mental health and how most of us neglect it out of fear or ignorance.”

With the premiere of Élite season seven right around the corner, Netflix dropped two new teasers featuring former GAY TIMES cover star Anitta, who’s set to star in an undisclosed role. 

In the first meta-like teaser, the ‘Envolver’ singer is shown singing in the shower without a care in the world.

However, things take a suspenseful tone when she runs into André Lamoglia’s character, Iván Carvalho. 

“What are you doing here?” she asks.

In response, Iván breaks the fourth wall and pokes fun at the show’s sexy reputation: “What’s the matter? Don’t act surprised. You know this is Elite.”

After asking if he was there to kill her, Anitta looks at the camera, breaking character, before she states: “F**k it.” 

In the second teaser, the singer is shown participating in a sweaty workout, featuring a strenuous ab and boxing routine. Unlike the previous clip, there is no dialogue. 

Following the release of the two trailers, fans flocked to X (formerly known as Twitter) to send praise for the ‘Funk Rave’ singer. 

“Mother Anitta is coming to serve,” one fan posted.

Another person wrote: “I’M SEATED FOR ANITTA.”

In addition to Anitta, Élite season seven will welcome an array of new actors into the fray, including Mirela Balic, Gleb Abrosimov, Fernando Líndez, Iván Mendes, Alejandro Albarracín, and Maribel Verdú. 

The official synopsis adds: “The veterans will also give people a lot to talk about in this seventh season. Iván (André Lamoglia), Isadora (Valentina Zenere), Rocío (Ana Bokesa), Dídac (Álvaro de Juana), Nico (Ander Puig), Sonia (Nadia Al Saidi), Raúl (Álex Pastrana), and Sara (Carmen Arrufat), among others, will return in this new instalment where they will show that life isn’t always pink.”

Check out the latest trailer for Élite season 7 below.