Emily Dickinson and her antics are back! The dark queer historical drama has returned for another season on Apple TV+.

The video streaming platform has teased the return of the highly anticipated gothic lesbian drama, and we are beyond excited.

The new trailer invites us into the chaotic teenage life of Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld) and her close “friend” Sue Gilbert (Ella Hunt). As Emily’s work starts to gain recognition, she must figure out whether fame is something she can handle.

Apple TV+ announced that Dickinson will return on January 8, 2021 with three new episodes. You can catch the rest of season two every Friday during its weekly premiere.

Season two promises all our favourite qualities from the highs and lows of queer romance, to its tongue-in-cheek dark comedy. Last month, Hailee Steinfeld announced the return of the series with a Facebook post and the release of a mini-trailer.

In a recent online post, Steinfeld revealed what looks like the official imagery of the upcoming season. The actress captioned the post with “You can’t hide from greatness”.

If you’re wondering whether we’ll be lucky enough to get a season 3, well the answer is we are. In 2019, Dickinson became the first Apple TV+ series to receive a season 3 renewal. So, we will be able to see Sue – forevermore!

You can watch the official season two trailer below:

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