FX has dropped the official trailer for the third season of American Horror Stories.

The twisted tale is a spin-off of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s award-winning hit anthology series American Horror Story.

The four part weekly season will air on Hulu with each episode presenting a different horror story each episode.

“Since 2011, the creators of AHS have redefined the horror genre with various instalments featuring a creepy asylum, a coven of witches, a travelling freak show, a haunted hotel and the apocalypse itself,” FX previously said in a statement.

“The television series sprouted a legion of dedicated fans who anticipate what terrors the next chapter will hold.”

The trailer cuts together the tasty teasers from all four episodes. The trailer gives us our first glimpse of Lisa Rinna (Real Housewives legend), almost unrecognisable behind a table with her stylish crop replaced by long brunette curls, lightly manicured into a wave. Rinna will make her debut in the third episode, titled ‘Tapeworm’.

The synopsis for the first episode, titled ‘Bestie’, reads: “After the loss of her mother, a young woman seeks connection in a mysterious online friend.” Emma Halleen, Seth Gabel, Jessica Barden, Jeff Hiller and Amrou Al-Kadhi will star.

Episode two, ‘Daphne’, explores “an artificial intelligence smart device grows attached to her user” with stars Reid Scott, Annie Hamilton, Allegra Heart and Christopher Fitzgerald.

“An up-and-coming model will stop at nothing in her hunger for success” in ‘Tapeworm’, where Rinna will be joined by Laura Kariuki, Hazel Graye and Rob Yang.

Season three will be wrapped with ‘Organ’, where “a blind date through an online dating app goes very awry” for Raúl Castillo, Emily Browning, Laila Robins, Havana Rose Liu and Cameron Cowperthwaite.

The new season of American Horror Stories, which premieres 26 October on Hulu, is executive produced by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Alexis Martin Woodall, Max Winkler, Manny Coto and Jon Robin Baitz.

The first two seasons boasted American Horror Story legends such as Matt Bomer, Dylan McDermott, Billie Lourd, John Carroll Lynch, Naomi Grossman, Taissa Farmiga, Denis O’Hare, Cody Fern and Gabourey Sidibe.

See the full trailer below.