Former GAY TIMES cover star Ashnikko has released her new single ‘Cheerleader’, off her upcoming debut album, WEEDKILLER.

‘Cheerleader’, the album’s fifth single is dark, bass-heavy siren song about modern beauty standards. 

The alt-pop innovatory undermines the imagery of the poised, pom-pom waving cheerleader with blades, bloodstains and broken faces.

“It’s twisting this perfect cheerleader into a monstrosity,” she explains. “It’s commentary on the need to be fuckable to be commercially viable and I really do feel that pressure.

“It’s draining my spirit and makes me feel like I have literal car exhaust in my brain.”

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Ashnikko’s highly anticipated debut album, WEEDKILLER, is a bold, genre-blending collection of songs. 

WEEDKILLER revolves around a universe of dystopian fantasy, telling the story of a fae civilization occupied and destroyed by machines that feed on organic matter.

Blending thunderously joyful rebellion and naked vulnerability, the album is a poetic commentary on environmental disaster and the future of technology

Ashnikko is bringing the WEEDKILLER tour to the UK and Europe, performing at iconic venues such as London’s Alexandra Palace and Paris’s Élysée Montmartre.


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The tour begins in Austin, Texas on 10 September and closes with a show in Dublin on 11 December.

WEEDKILLER is out 25 August. 

Watch the video for ‘WEEDKILLER’, the album’s title track, below.