The alternative artist will also perform a secret set at Reading Festival to commemorate the release of their new release.

Ashnikko’s new project, Weedkiller, is a dystopic universe that tells the story of a fae civilization occupied and destroyed by machines that feed on organic matter where the faerie protagonist seeks revenge by becoming part machine.

A poetic commentary on environmental disaster and the rapid evolution of technology, Weedkiller gives way to a gutsy narrative, grinding guitars and captivating visuals.

On the album, Ashnikko explains: “The world I’ve been crafting for the past two and a half years is finally hatching. I felt immense release writing this record. It deepened my sense of selfhood. It sent roots out of my feet and into the earth.

“I reclaimed my body from the weedkillers who latched onto my skin like ticks. I hope you are able to writhe around and scream in the forest and howl at the moon and scurry around like a rat to this album.”

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Check out Weedkiller‘s tracklisting below.

1.     World Eater
2.     You Make Me Sick!
3.     Worms
4.     Super Soaker (feat. Daniela Lalita)
5.     Don’t Look At It
6.     Cheerleader
7.     Moonlight Magic
8.     Miss Nectarine
9.     Chokehold Cherry Python
10.   Weedkiller
11.   Want It All
12.   Possession of a Weapon
13.   Dying Star (feat. Ethel Cain)

Weedkiller is out now in the UK and globally via Warner Music.