Prisca Tozzi

Abisha’s new track, Breathe, follows her recent queer hits Masterpiece and I Think I Love You.

A collaboration between Abisha, Aluna and producer Lauren Faith, the release sees the artist step in a new direction.

“Working with both Aluna and Lauren, two incredibly talented and powerful women, was an honour. Breathe is a reflection of 3 women coming together and acknowledging our power to create a moody yet feel-good, empowering track”, ABISHA explains in a press release.

The artist explains how the partnership between Aluna and Lauren came to light: “I’ve been a fan of Aluna since before I can remember. I was drawn to her unique melodies and creativity, so it was a dream to work with her and be a part of her journey now as she continues to be a visionary in dance music.”

Breathe follows Abisha’s EP Everything Falls Into Place which was released last year. The release delved into themes of personal growth, relationships, and optimism.

Listen to Breathe by Abisha below.