He told Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that he was “#ArmedAndReady” adding “#NoWarningShots.”

Nick Moutas, the assistant attorney-general for Texas, has been fired after a series of racist and homophobic tweets.

In tweets dating back as recent as this week, he targeted the LGBTQ+ community, writing: “How is it ‘Bigoted’ to say that #LGBTQ is an #Abomination? #God in the #Torah & #Jesus in the New Testament call it a #Sin & abomination. I don’t hate them, but cannot condone the behavior.”

Moutas was fired after Media Matters for America, published a report about his bigoted views, because, yes, it is bigoted to call LGBTQ+ people an abomination.

Moutas also frequently referred to trans people as “abominations” and believes the conspiracy theory that Michelle Obama is a trans woman. In a tweet directed at former president, Barack Obama, he wrote: “Shut your mouth you disgusting #TraitorousLiar and keep your husband @MichelleObama where he cannot be seen!”

In a tweet about Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is a lesbian, he used the hashtag: “Normalizing perversion.”

In further tweets about trans people, he said that members of the American Civil Liberties Union were “spreading the lie that ‘trans girls are girls!'” adding that “Americans should use those #Communist drones for target practice.”

He also used his Twitter feed to spread QAnon conspiracy theories, like PizzaGate, and to spew misogyny at elected women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, calling them both the Whore of Babylon, a demon in Christianity who attempts to condemn as many souls as possible to hell during the apocalypse.

In a tweet against Omar, he called her a “#IncestuousJihadiTerrorist.” And in other tweets against Islam, he claimed the religion “seeks only to steel[sic], kill, and destroy!”

In some of his tweets against the congresswomen, he described himself as an “#ArmedAndReadyVeteran” and said there would be “#NoWarningShots.” He also advocated for violence against Black Lives Matter protesters, who he called “domestic terrorists.”

In a statement, Kayleigh Date, a spokesperson for the attorney general’s office said: “As of today, this individual no longer works for the Office of the Attorney General.”

Moutas acknowledged his sacking on Twitter, but claimed he’d been sacked for speaking out against the “plandemic” another conspiracy theory which alleges that the coronavirus pandemic that spread across the world was a hoax and just a ploy by government to take civil liberties away from people.

He also claimed to have been fired for speaking out against child trafficking and paedophilia.

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