Vesta Lugg has come out as bisexual on her Instagram stories.

Spanish musician and actress Vesta Lugg, who boasts over one million followers on Instagram, has come out as bisexual on her stories.

Taking part in the popular ‘assume something about me’ trend, which is when someone’s Instagram followers share their assumptions about them and they confirm whether they’re true or false, Lugg was asked whether she identified as bisexual.

Answering the user, she wrote: “True” with a rainbow emoji accompanying it.

She also elaborated further in her answer, explaining: “I think sexuality is fluid. And perhaps more as a child, from the information I had, I assumed that as I was always with men, therefore I was straight.”

Vesta’s words address a common misconception with bisexuals, in that their sexuality morphs to fit the gender of the person that they’re dating, when in fact, it remains bisexual.

She further explained that she had the “privilege” to be “able to treat these issues freely” and that she was in an environment where she could “say that I want to love who I want to love and deconstruct what I thought I had to be because of what they told me it meant to be a woman.”

Earlier this month, American actress Maddie Hanson came out as “bisexual and proud” after a fan asked her to post a selfie with a “gay/bi vibe”.

Hasson went on to reply with a photo alongside the caption: “Hi, I’m bi and proud!”

The star is best known for her roles on television, including Willa Monday on The Finder (2012), Jo Masterson on Twisted (2013) and Henrietta “Henry” Coles on Impulse (2018).

She also starred alongside Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen in I Saw the Light (2015), which chronicled the life of country music star Hank Williams and his sudden death at 29.