Today, GAYTIMES Group are proud to announce the launch of GAYTIMES+, a new membership platform that gives members complete access to GAY TIMES’ queer-first storytelling and unique benefits.

The launch of the new scheme will beckon in and help shape the next era of one of the world’s longest-running LGBTQ+ media brands.

Designed to empower the best original LGBTQ+ content, GAYTIMES+ will allow the brand to delve deeper into the stories that matter most from all around the globe. Its core goal will be to build and protect the future of queer journalism, supporting LGBTQ+ creatives that prioritise the queer narrative in everything they do.

GAY TIMES has, and will continue to be, at the forefront of queer culture since its launch in 1984, serving as a beacon of light to LGBTQ+ people looking for visibility, representation and a community to connect with.

As part of a tiered membership model, GAYTIMES+ members will be the first to receive:

  • Handpicked stories and curated content by and for the community to their inbox
  • A newly re-imagined and extended GAY TIMES Magazine, shipped worldwide
  • The ability to choose covers of multi-edition issues – something current subscribers have often asked for 
  • Immediate access to the replica edition of GAY TIMES Magazine via a new app
  • Priority access to GAY TIMES events throughout the year
  • Exclusive access to digital events and talks
  • Bespoke membership merchandise
  • Membership benefits from GAY TIMES’ expanding number of leading partners

A definitive outline of perks and tiers to be announced before launch.

Later in the year, GAY TIMES will also be opening their archives to members so they can explore over 40 years of fascinating queer journalism – the first time they have made their historical editions easily accessible to the public in digital format.

“As the media landscape continues to change at a rapid pace – not least exagerated by the COVID-19 pandemic – we are excited to be leading the next evolution of GAY TIMES. I am proud that the brand has successfully adapted to encompass not just the namesake magazine title, but a multi-channel offering that instigates and influences real change across society,” says Tag Warner, CEO.

“We have seen seismic shifts in how our community audiences react and respond to LGBTQ+ content, as well as tremendous growth on our digital and social platforms – becoming the world leader in many.

“Audiences are demanding more and we want to be the first to deliver an entirely new membership offering for LGTBQ+ people everywhere that prioritises the queer experience in multi-faceted and boundary-pushing ways. GAYTIMES+ is that offering and we’re excited to welcome our next innovative era for the brand.”

GAY TIMES Magazine will continue to play an important role within GAYTIMES+. Issue 507 of Gay Times Magazine will launch at a slightly later date of 21 May 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following this, the magazine will proudly re-launch as an extended and re imagined quarterly title. The new-look GAY TIMES Magazine will launch on 28 August 2020.

The magazine will be included within specific GAYTIMES+ membership tiers and is designed to reflect and enhance current subscription models.

“GAY TIMES Magazine is an integral part of our editorial ecosystem, and will remain so for years to come,” explains Lewis Corner, Editorial Director.

“Creating a new quarterly title will protect that legacy, while helping us create a beautiful product that more accurately meets the needs of our diverse, inquisitive and inspiring audience.” continues to garner an increased online audience that includes an engaged, younger and global demographic of LGBTQ+ people and allies. As part of the launch of GAYTIMES+, the website will be redesigned with a brand new aesthetic and interface that brings free daily updates and timely queer content from across the globe.

GAYTIMES+ will help to continue the fight for LGBTQ+ rights and recognition, be a world leader in LGBTQ+ visibility, and connect the community far and wide. Through special live events, digital spaces, and a global network of LGBTQ+ advocates and allies, GAY TIMES extend their mission to connect queer experiences like never before.

GAYTIMES+ launches on 1 June 2020

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