A lesbian was also injured during the attack.

A gay couple have been shot at in Miami, and one of the victims is currently in a critical condition. One of the victims in the attack, Clive Khouri, believes that he and his boyfriend were shot at after they were seen kissing in the car.

A lesbian woman, Shakena Jefferson, was also injured in the attack when a bullet grazed her head as she was getting into a car with her wife. Both Khouri and Jefferson have been treated for their injuries and released.

Speaking to Local 10 News, Khouri said: “When I tried to speed off to come around this corner, they kept trying to shoot, shoot, shoot. Some of the guys probably saw us kissing in the car.”

Jefferson’s wife, Janet Medley, said: “My wife got shot in the head. Two bullets went straight off her head, and I was standing here by my daughter’s car.

“The bullets were just flying across my ear. I can just hear them ringing in my ears.”

Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said: “One to two, or possibly three all-terrain vehicles approached that car and opened fire.”

The police department confirmed that they were treating the attack as a hate incident.

Anyone with information about their identities is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.

Data from the FBI, shows that out of the 7,120 hate crimes that were committed in the United States in 2018, nearly one in five of them had been motivated by an “anti-LGBTQ bias.”

Out of those incidents, people were targeted because of their sexual orientation 1,196 times, while 168 were targeted because of their gender identity.

Breaking the figures down even more, 726 men were targeted because they were gay, 129 women were targeted for being lesbian, 303 were targeted for being LGBTQ and 21 people were targeted for being bisexual. A further 17 people were targeted because they were straight.

Meanwhile, 142 people were targeted because of their trans identity, while 26 were targeted because of their gender non-conforming identity.

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