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A separate plot targeting a swingers’ club was also foiled.

The French police have successfully foiled two terrorist plots that were due to take place in Paris. One of the plots was targeting a swingers’ club, while another was specifically targeting homosexuals.

The men who are suspected of planning the attack on homosexuals were arrested in the suburb of Seine-et-Marne following a police raid, and were found with knives, a firing device and Islamic State propaganda.

A source familiar with the investigation told the French media that: “Their plan remains unclear at this stage, but there is evidence to suggest they are targeting homosexuals.” However, further details of the plot were not revealed.

Both men are now in a pre-trial detention, following a request from the prosecutor in the case.

Other sources told the L’Express that the two suspects were “determined” and that they had mentioned “several times a project of attack in their exchanges.”

L’Express was also told that the two suspects had been spotted a few weeks before their arrest. They were then reported to the anti-terrorist section of the Paris Prosecutor’s Office.

On June 6, an investigation was opened on the men, before they were arrested on June 9. Before then, both men had been unknown to intelligence services.

Details also emerged about a man who had been arrested back in May, who was suspected of attempting to carry out a terrorist plot against a swingers’ club. It is unknown where the club was located, but the 38-year-old suspect was arrested in the central Indre region of the country.

Last year, France’s Interior Minister, Gerard Collomb revealed that the police had foiled several terrorist plots that were targeting gay venues in Paris. Much like with these incidents, further details of the plots were not revealed to the media.