French authorities thwarted terrorist attack on gay nightclubs in Paris


France’s Interior Minister Gerard Collomb has revealed that gay clubs in Paris were the target of terrorists last month.

The official explained that LGBT+ venues were singled out by Daesh (the Islamic State terror group) in a series of attacks that were ultimately thwarted by the country’s security forces.

“This plan of violent action” targeted “Parisian nightclubs and in particular gay clubs,” Collomb told a parliamentary committee.

The committee were meeting to examine government proposals for new anti-terror laws.

No further details of the thwarted attacks on gay clubs in Paris were disclosed, but they were among a whole string of attempted terrorist attacks over the past eight months, reports The Local.

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“The threat remains high,” Collomb added. “What Daesh wants is to divide the national community and create clashes between French people. This is the trap into which we must not fall.”

Other attacks the French security forces managed to prevent was a planned assault on an air training school in the south in May, and another plot targeting “a barracks, a police station or a supermarket with hostage-taking,” was thwarted in January.

“We see that we are moving from an outside threat to an internal threat, and we have to be able to adapt to the evolution of this threat,” Collomb told the committee.

The new anti-terror laws the committee are examining will give authorities the power to place people under house arrest,b an public gatherings, and order house searches without the prior approval of a judge.

The new laws have been designed to replace the state of emergency the country has been under since the Bataclan theatre massacre in November 2015.

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