Corrie’s Kimberly Hart-Simpson has come out as pansexual after signing up for reality series Celebs Go Dating.

Hart-Simpson, who previously identified as bisexual, has recently come out as pansexual.

The actress is best known for her previous role as Nicky Wheatley on ITV British drama, Coronation Street.

Last year, the Welsh actress opened up about her sexuality while on talk-show Lorraine. At the time, the star said: “I represent the B (bisexual). So for me to do that was really, really important.”

After signing up for the upcoming season of Celebs Go Dating, Hart-Simpson has elaborated about her sexuality once again.

“I have dated people who are male, female, transgender…” she told the Mirror Online. “Gender is completely irrelevant to me.

“We’re all on different spectrums. There are many qualities about me I would deem just as much male as female. It’s about the person, not what sex they were born. I just fancy everybody.”

Hart-Simpson also revealed that her romantic interests are not limited to specific binaries. In fact, when using dating apps, the star used to change her Tinder search to “both”.

“When I woke up the next day, I’d think, ‘OMG, I hope no one I know has seen me’. Then I realised if they had, it would mean they were gay too,” she explained in the interview.

Continuing, the actress added: “It clicked, and I realised I’m surrounded by non-judgmental people and a loving family supporting me.”

During her acting career, Kimberly Hart-Simpson has also appeared on shows like Mount Pleasant and Hollyoaks.

Coronation Street is known for having a wide range of LGBTQ+ characters, as well as actors, and the soap usually has its own float for Manchester Pride.

Hart-Simpson joined Coronation Street in 2019 as sex worker Nicky, who helped Daniel Osborne (Rob Mallard) come to terms with his wife’s death following her battle with cancer. The actress left the soap in September, but the open-ended exit has left a possibility for the character to return.