A pink and yellow barge reading “Shetland – Everyone Remembers Their First Time” was floated on the waters surrounding Shetland, marking the area’s first ever Pride celebrations.

In keeping with the theme #ProudAllOver, a GAY TIMES and Channel 4 campaign to spotlight local UK Pride events taking place outside of major cities, C4 made sure to bring some colour to the UK’s northernmost town. 

The #ProudAllOver campaign aims to show that life exists outside of the UK’s cities and the people of Shetland came out to reinforce this message with more than 2,000 turning out for the celebrations on Saturday (2 July). 

Organisers later shared their joy at how the event went. 

In a Facebook post, they wrote: “We don’t even know what to say. And we are still too overwhelmed and emotional to make much sense.”

They added: “Shetland, we are so proud of you.”

Alistair Carmichael, Orkney and Shetland MP, praised Shetland Pride founder Kerrie Meyer and the rest of the team for their “enormous” effort”, before explaining the need for smaller Pride events across the country. 

“The first reason is about visibility,” he said. 

“For anyone in our community who is considering what their sexuality or gender is, to know they are part of a community where they will be included and accepted for what they are is enormously important.

“And that’s why it’s important that everybody who is here, ally or not, is part of this great story.”

Carmichael added: “Shetland give yourself a cheer.”

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