Brazilian icon Anitta has opened up about coming out and her experience with bisexual erasure throughout her career.

The ‘Funk Rave’ artist came out as bisexual in her 2018 Netflix docuseries, Go Anitta. However, the singer has continued to face speculation, from fans, about her romantic relationships.

In a recent interview with InStyle, the Grammy-nominated musician shut down the criticism of her identity: “Some people say I am ‘fake bi’ because I never dated a girl like a long-term relationship,” she noted. “But come on, even my relationships with guys cannot last more than three months.”

The artist also contextualised the ways in which her relations were perceived, especially as a high-profile artist from Brazil.

“The reason why I opened up about it is because here, in Brazil, there was a lot of criticism and a lot of taboos over that. It was a whole job for my security to ask [people] to delete the picture [of me kissing a girl],” she told the magazine. “People would say [that if] I had kissed girls, I would lose brand deals and everything.”

Anitta has remained a pioneering star in the community and, on 12 September, the artist won the Best Latin category at the 2023 Music Video Awards for the second year.

Last year, Anitta took home an award for her track ‘Envolver’ while she won for single ‘Funk Rave’

The singer also performed a mash-up of songs at the awards which you can watch below.