The queens heading to the grand finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 have finally been chosen.

Spoilers ahead

For their final maxi-challenge, Mistress Isabelle Brooks, Luxx Noir London, Anetra and Sasha Colby were tasked with staring in a music video for Blame It On The Edit. 

“First, you need to write and record your own sassy verses, and then you’ll be working with Drag Race choreographer Miguel Zarate to create a space-themed music video extravaganza,” Ru revealed. 

In addition to their music video challenge, Ru invited the ladies to sit down and spill the tea during the competition staple, TicTac chitchat. 

However, before leaving the workroom, Ru delivered one last bomb to the queens about the grand finale. 

“Now, remember, only three of you will be going through to the grand final. So whatever happens this week, don’t f**k it up,” she added. 

In response to the news, Luxx pointed out that there hasn’t been a top three since season eight of Drag Race. 

With the stakes higher than ever, the ladies wasted no time working on their sickening verses. 

While Mistress, Sasha and Anetra worked diligently on their material, Luxx claimed to have finished her verse early – which resulted in her taking a nap on the workroom couches. 

“Luxx’s strength is her crazy confidence. That also could be Luxx’s biggest weakness,” Mistress said in a confessional. 

Outside of the workroom, Sasha met up with Ru and Michelle for her TicTac chitchat. 

During the sit down, the LA-based queen opened up about combating her “inner saboteur” during the competition.

“Really feeling like I won two challenges in a row, two maxi-challenges, and the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘oh, oh no, the girls are gonna hate me,” she explained. 

“Like I was willing to let go of my personal triumphs to just have that quick fix of being liked by everyone.” 

Sasha went on to say that after reflecting, she realised that it all stemmed back to her childhood and the lack of acceptance from her mother. 

Lastly, Sasha opened up about her loving relationship with her father and his tragic passing at 80 years old. 

“He was such a good man. He was like my biggest ally, and that was the uh hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with,” she said. 

For the second round of TicTac chats, Anetra joined Ru and Michelle for an emotional chat about her Mormon upbringing and quiet demeanour out of drag. 

“With the way that I grew up, I felt that I had to be [soft spoken], especially with my own queerness and not feeling comfortable and right to be myself,” she explained. 

Anetra went on to say that creating her drag persona allowed her to “express everything and do everything.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Michelle praised the Vegas-based queen for her “phenomenal” lip-sync against Marcia Marcia Marcia, which featured her flipping over the latter. 

In regards to potentially winning Drag Race, Anetra said it would make all the “trials and tribulations” she went through worth it.


After Anetra exited the stage, Mistress joined Ru and Michelle for her TicTac moment. 

At the start of their conversation, Michelle asked Mistress where her outspoken and confident nature came from. 

In response, the Texas queen revealed that she was never able to truly be herself as a kid.

“So when I finally found my voice and found where I belonged in the world, I was like it’s better to be outspoken than to be thinking and replaying it in your head because for me personally if I feel some type of way, I’m that girl who will replay it and replay it until it explodes,” she explained. 

While Ru and Michelle praised her outspoken nature, Mistress did admit that it has gotten her in trouble before referencing her tension with eliminated queen Loosey LaDuca.

Towards the end of her sit down, Mistress opened up her first thoughts walking into the workroom and her turbulent relationship with her family. 

“They’ve always kind of let me down. I’ve had times in my life where I’ve literally had nothing. So like being here, I wanted to make sure that, like, I was not only making my drag family proud, making my hometown proud but making myself proud,” she explained. 

For the final TicTac chat, Luxx joined Ru and Michelle to kiki about her New Jersey upbringing. 

However, things took an emotional turn when Ru asked how she navigates the world’s “meanness.”

“I was kind of raised to tackle situations head first. My parents conditioned me to think very highly of myself,” she revealed. 

“I know that there are going to be people who have things to say. But it’s my sole mission to live my life fearlessly and freely. Kind of as a slap in the face to everybody who told me I couldn’t.” 

With all of the TicTac chats completed, the queens headed to the extraterrestrial set to learn choreography and film the Blame It On The Edit music video. 

While Luxx, Anetra and Sasha navigated the routine with ease, Mistress struggled to follow Miguel’s instructions. 

With the brief choreography workshop completed, Michelle announced that the queens would be filming the music video. 

The quick turnaround proved to be challenging for Anetra and Mistress, who fumbled the routine during their first take. Fortunately, the two queens shook off their nerves and delivered a sickening second take. 

The next day, the queens returned to the workroom to reflect on their Drag Race journeys and their first impressions of each other.   

After going down memory lane, the queens headed to the main stage to watch their Blame It On The Edit music video and show offer their Drag Excellence looks.

With their final maxi challenge completed, the judges’ gathered the ladies to praise them for their incredible performances and their overall run in the competition. 

After Luxx, Mistress, Sasha, and Anetra delivered heartwarming speeches to their younger selves, Ru revealed Sasha was the winner of the final maxi-challenge, which left Mistress and Anetra in the bottom two.

With the sounds of David Guetta and Kelly Rowland’s iconic hit When Love Takes Over, the two talented queens delivered a sickening, dramatic and all-around spectacular lip-sync performance.

Despite her warning of a top three, Ru revealed that Mistress and Anetra would both be heading to the grand finale alongside Sasha and Luxx.

On next week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the entire cast of season 15 is set to return for a dramatic reunion special.

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