Breaking news: Tiffany Pollard is allegedly being haunted by David and yes, this time, it is David Gest.

During a recent episode on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the TV personality was asked about that infamous Celebrity Big Brother moment, which surprisingly Tiffany herself has yet to watch back.

She did however reveal that David (Gest) who died in April 2016 haunts her kitchen “everyone once in a while”. Tiffany then announced in a dramatic outburst, almost addressing David directly: “David, please stop coming into the kitchen and messing with the knives and forks!”

The reason for the haunting, I hear you ask? David is still “mad” at her and they never “made up” prior to his death. Tiffany then explained the importance of making up with David’s spirit: “So he can stop turning on the coffee maker!”

“I thought he was mad at you for saying he was dead,” Andy continued, to which Tiffany quipped: “He should have been, but in which case I didn’t kill him.”

Tiffany was at the centre of one of Celebrity Big Brother’s most iconic moments, if not one of the best viral television moments of all time. The clip has received more than four million views on YouTube, to date.

Angie Bowie, in confidence, spoke to Tiffany and told her that “David’s dead”. In response, Tiffany spiralled and confused David Bowie (Angie’s ex-husband) with fellow ill housemate David Gest, who was in fact asleep in the bedroom.

What ensued was en mass hysteria from the entire household, where housemates were trying to legitimate the claim, calm Tiffany and process the news.

The clip has been trending ever since and has been made into many a meme. When asked about this, Tiffany was positive and said: “The memes have been a godsend for me, because it keeps me relevant, it keeps me active, and I love that a person can have a conversation with a parent or significant other just by sending me.”

Watch the full scene below: