The Trevor Project has honoured trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney for her tireless LGBTQIA+ activism.

Over the last year and a half, the beloved TikTok star has gained popularity due to her heartwarming and emotional “Days of Girlhood” series – which followed her first year as a trans woman.

In addition to highlighting her journey, Mulvaney has used her social media platform to educate and bring awareness to the LGBTQIA+ community as a whole.

Due to her dedicated activism and optimistic content, The Trevor Project announced that the talented influencer would be the third recipient of the Suicide Prevention Advocate of the Year award.

“In a world where LGBTQ young people too often face adversity and discrimination, Dylan Mulvaney stands as a source of light and hope, reminding us that there is strength in unity and power in vulnerability,” said Kevin Wong, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Content.

“Through her ongoing advocacy work and unapologetic celebration of their trans identity, Dylan is an exemplary possibility model for LGBTQ young people to envision a world for themselves where they can be happy, successful, and thrive openly and authentically.”

Shortly after the news was announced, Mulvaney took to her TikTok account to thank The Trevor Project for her exciting honour.

“I am deeply honored to accept The Trevor Project’s Suicide Prevention Advocate of the Year award. Trevor’s life-saving work holds a special place in my heart because it represents a lifeline for so many who are struggling with their identity and may not feel accepted as their authentic self,” she said.


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“To anyone feeling lost or scared, I want you to know that you are so incredibly loved, and there is light after the moments of darkness. Always remember that you are never alone, you are perfect just the way you are, and organizations like The Trevor Project are here to provide a safe space to talk whenever you need, 24/7.”

Towards the end of her statement, Mulvaney expressed her gratitude for the LGBTQIA+ community “that fights tirelessly for a brighter, more inclusive future.”

In response to Mulvaney’s incredible achievement, fans of the young talent flooded her TikTok comment section with congratulatory messages.

One fan wrote: “Congratulations Dylan! Thank you for your vulnerability and using your platform to help others.”

Another person commented: “What a beautiful, wonderful person you are. We love you Dylan!!”

Mulvaney is the third recipient of the Suicide Prevention Advocate of the Year award – with Lil Nas X and Janelle Monáe receiving the honour in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

Check out her full acceptance speech here or below. Congrats Dylan!

@dylanmulvaney Honored to accept the 2023 Trevor Project Suice Prevention Advocate of the Year award!! Link in bio to support @TrevorProject 💗 #trevorproject #trans ♬ Relaxing Japanese-style piano song inviting nostalgia – Akiko Akiyama