We need this club ASAP! 

Sam Smith sat down with Julie Adenuga from Amazon Music UK for a fun interview in which the singer-songwriter revealed their dream of opening up a gay club.

“I think I would open up a gay bar in the city where I grew up in, Cambridge. There’s like no gay bars. And just open up and call it Crunchy,” they say.

They elaborated on the choice to name the club Crunchy saying: “The best clubs are crunchy clubs where your feet stick to the floor because of all the shots that are being spilled.”

Smith also discusses their latest album Love Goes which was released back in October of this year.

“This album especially more than any other album I think is just this, it doesn’t make sense, it’s like a beautiful mess.

“I was a beautiful mess when I was writing it I was trying to figure out what I wanted to say, what I wanted to do, figuring out gender stuff, all this stuff was going on,” Smith says.

The record features previous singles Dancing With A Stranger with Normani, My Oasis ft. Burna Boy, and a new collaboration with Labrinth on the titular track Love Goes.

Smith took to Instagram to show clips from the interview while also making a sweet announcement for their fans.

The caption reads: “Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US ❤️ I am excited to announce that you can now contact me directly on + (310) 564-8073. Send me messages and let me know how you’re celebrating today, I can’t wait to text with you all xx”

We simply do not deserve Sam Smith.

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