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The star also spoke about his hit web series Gay of Thrones.

Queer Eye has been a cultural phenomenon, pleasing audiences worldwide and scooping three Emmys last year, and is currently nominated for a further six.

The show also recently aired its tear-jerking fourth season with a fifth already on the way.

However, speaking to The Wrap, one of the stars of the show, Jonathan Van Ness called for more LGBTQ representation in the television world.

“It’s really reassuring,” Jonathan said when asked about how important it was to see shows like Pose and Queer Eye get Emmy-nominated. “But look at the amount of popular, award-winning television that is cisgendered and heterosexual and heteronormative.

“Look at the amount of creators, writers, makeup artists, hairdressers, costume designers, actors, actresses that are LGBTQ-identified and how much content that they get that reflects them.”

He added: “I do think that in general we are quick to congratulate ourselves for having this sense of representation, but having two shows that we can name off the top of our head that have a queer POV is not enough — no tea, no shade, no pink lemonade to you or anyone else.

“But we have a huge number of LGBTQ people whose stories do not get told. With all due respect, there should be so many more queer shows.”

Speaking about ending his hit web-series, Gay of Thrones, a hilarious gay-themed recap of Game of Thrones, Jonathan said: “I definitely feel it was really surreal shooting this last year, because since we started shooting Gay of Thrones my life has completely changed.

“I used to feel like, ‘Will this be the only thing I do?’ And that wouldn’t have been a bad thing, ’cause I always loved doing hair, and my (podcast) Getting Curious was an outlet for me.

“But it was very surreal shooting the last season of Gay of Thrones and realizing like, oh my God, I did it. I am gonna get to do other things.”

And when asked about how baby Jonathan would feel about being an inspiration, he said: “Honestly, that sentence would have had him TKO’d.

“The fact that Michelle Kwan’s phone number is in my phone — honestly, I feel like he would need a medical crew. If I had to tell 6-year-old me, ‘You’re gonna interview Shannon Miller when you grow up,’ I think I would have just spontaneously combusted.”

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