Lil Nas X has responded to Dave Chappelle’s recent comments about his ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’ music video on the latest comedy special The Dreamer on Netflix.

In the episode Chappelle can be seen on stage where he explains the first meeting of the pair at a party, recalling that Lil Nas X had wanted him to be in one of his music videos.

The comedian explained how the situation reminded him of being asked in school what he wanted to be when he grew up, then hypothesised what Lil Nas X’s own reaction to the question would be.

He jabbed: “I want to do a music video, slide down a stripper pole, all the way to the depths of hell, and suck the devil’s d*ck at 10 o’ clock on BET while all the kids are awake and can see’”.

Chappelle added: “Shockingly, that was the only dream that worked out.”

Lil Nas X has taken to X (formerly Twitter) to defend himself and said: “Y’all gotta let call me by your name go me and the devil broke up 3 years ago. Y’all acting like children of divorce.”

Not lingering on the news for long, Lil Nas X continued to tease fans on X about “the greatest comeback of all time” in reference to his new music dropping next week.

One fan wrote: “We survived the drought!”

Another added: “NEXT WEEK LET’S GOOOOO.”

“I love this constant cycle the world has with me. when i started making music y’all told me I was just another Twitter rapper. Then I made the biggest song of all time,” Lil Nas X followed up in a now pinned tweet.

He added: “Y’all called me a one hit wonder. Then I dropped one the most streamed albums of the year with 3 top 5 hits. Now y’all saying my new shit not finna do nothing.

“At some point yall gotta realize I am gods favorite. 1/12/24.”

Continuing the momentum, the Industry Baby singer has confirmed the release date for the highly anticipated tour documentary Lil Nas X Long Live Montero – and it’s happening sooner than you think.

The film follows a BTS perspective of the pop-rap star as he navigates tour life. The film is co-directed by Academy Award nominee Carlos López Estrada and award-winning filmmaker Zac Manuel.

“Shot over the course of 60 days with unparalleled access, the film follows Montero Hill, a.k.a. Lil Nas X, on an emotional odyssey through the creation and performance of the critically acclaimed ‘Long Live Montero’ show,” the official synopsis revealed.

On 5 January, the Grammy winner delighted fans when he tweeted a poster for the upcoming doc with the caption: “Long Live Montero. Tour Doc. HBO Max. January 27. BIG 2024!”

News of the documentary was first released on 18 August. This was followed by the world premiere on 9 September at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

The premiere was delayed due to a suspected bomb threat.

In an interview with Variety, Lil Nas X spoke of his aspirations for the impact of the film.

“I know in my lifetime, while I’m here, I’m going to do my best to make the ceiling unreachable to where we can go as Black queer people.”

Lil Nas X Long Live Montero debuts on HBO Max on 27 January.