Credit: Khali Ackford

Bristol artist Grove has released their timely new single Big Boots which takes shots at the monarchy, imperialism, and systemic racism.

If you haven’t heard of Grove, well, you’re in for some killer music. This up-and-coming artist, DJ and producer knows how to put across a message.

In their new single, which features EJ:AKIN, the musician shares their thoughts on the current state of UK politics and the disparity between existing economic classes.

Speaking of the track, Grove says: “We’re told that there’s no money for people & public services, but there is £100,000,000 for the coronation for a billionaire.

“The Royal family are a symbol of all kinds of supremacy – class supremacy, white supremacy, imperialism – and we need to decide how we want to be represented as a country now, and not have it be decided for us.

“We’re being pushed coronation biscuits & bunting in Tescos whilst deportations, housing and living situations become dire.”

Taking to Twitter, the musician added: “Coronation may be done, but the public dissent is clear. The archaic, imperial mafia that is the monarchy needs dismantling, and then burning.

“You know the stats of the imbalance – nuff infographics flying about – but hold onto the feeling of what you want to do about it.”

New music isn’t all that Grove has in store for us either. Their new single will be getting the live treatment as they’re set to perform the track at this year’s edition of The Great Escape.

Grove, Jessica Winter, Kai Bosch and Jazmin Bean will be performing on GAY TIMES’ stage at Club Revenge, Brighton’s most well-known queer venue on 12 May.

Watch the official music video for Big Boots below.