Euphoria star Hunter Schafer has called out a German nightclub for anti-trans discrimination. 

On 28 May, the openly trans actress and her team attempted to attend the Sliq nightclub in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

However, while trying to gain admittance into the venue, the club’s bouncer denied Schafer’s assistant entry due to her being trans. 

Shortly after the incident, the young model took to her Instagram Live and shared with her followers about the transphobic encounter.  

“[He] said my friend could not come in because she is trans,” she said while addressing the unnamed bouncer. “You’re on live with 7 million people, by the way.

“Don’t come to Silq. It’s not safe for transgender people if you’re in Düsseldorf, Germany.” 

While trying to get the bouncer’s name, Schafer was greeted by a fan who asked if they could get a picture with her. 

“I’m actually very upset at this place right now because they’re transphobic… didn’t let my assistant in because she’s trans,” she replied.

After giving the fan a rundown, Schafer ended her video, stating: “Instagram, whoever’s here, 30,000 people. F**k Silq. I don’t know… Internet do what you do, take them out.”

Schafer’s video was met with immediate support from fans, who praised the Cuckoo actress for calling out the bouncer and establishment. 

One fan wrote: “Randomly joined Hunter Schafer’s Live and she was blasting a bouncer at club in Germany called Silq for being transphobic, and I realized I have to stan harder! she walked back to club and everything just show 30k people his face – as she should!”

Another fan tweeted: “Yes, Hunter Schafer fuck Silq for being transphobic. Expose them live.”

Silq nightclub also responded to the fashion model’s video with an apology post on their own Instagram. 

“Electronic music is love and not hate. Anyone who does not respect the principles of electronic music has no place in our colorful world. We apologize at this point to Hunter Schafer and your company for the misunderstanding at our door in the night from Saturday to Sunday,” they wrote. 

“This kind of thing has no place in our world and simply must not happen. We hereby expressly distance ourselves from any form of discrimination. After a conversation with the corresponding security employee, he was kicked out today. We, the Silq are and remain a LGBT friendly club and look forward to many more great nights with you.” 


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