Plasma has served the tea hot on the Plane Jane “agenda”, her elimination from season 16 and which fellow contestant told her “Mhi’ya ate your ass up” in the lip-sync showdown.

In the latest episode of Drag Race, titled “See You Next Wednesday,” the eight remaining queens went head-to-head in the third design challenge of the season (something we have not seen since season seven).

The queens were tasked with creating a Neo-Goth look from scratch, using exclusively black, white and grey fabrics.

Unfortunately, the New York queen failed to impress and found herself in the bottom-two alongside Mhi’ya Iman Le Paige, who has been hailed as the lip-sync assassin of season 16 thanks to her status as the “queen of flips”.

The pair duelled it out to ‘Bloody Mary’ (Wednesday Dance TikTok Remix) by Lady Gaga.

“I totally dissociated during that lip-sync,” Plasma told Entertainment Weekly, “all I remember is that the shoes came off the wig came off, and the birds on her shoulders came off. I was like, “I’m going home.”

Unfortunately after this performance, the 24-year-old found herself next to be eliminated. However, it appears that Ru was not alone in her decision making process, with fellow season 16 contestant Sapphira Cristàl telling Plasma that “Mhi’ya ate your ass up in that lip-sync.”

Although the lip-sync may not have gone her way, she is confident that she “genuinely left nothing on the table. I left nothing unexplored.”

Across this season Plane Jane has become notorious for ruffling a few feathers in the werkroom. “Can I be shady?” Plasma responded when asked about her own run in with Jane ahead of this week’s maxi-challenge: “Plane Jane accusing me of stealing an idea from her is rich because that’s literally the last person I’d steal an idea from. I am proud of what I made.

“Dawn, in my opinion, wasn’t trying to come for me, she tried to encourage my versatility. Plane Jane and I are sisters, I love that girl and I have respect for that girl, so I’m just throwing some lighthearted shade.

“She made a leotard with buckles. You stick to your bodysuit guns, girl, and you go for it, you go for gold. If we’re going to talk about stealing ideas, at least I did something a little bit more conceptually creative than a third leotard in a row for a design challenge, and I’ll stand by that.”

Plasma described how, as the season went on, she had “less patience and capacity” for the “antics” of Plane Jane: “In defense of Plane Jane, she walked in with an agenda and clearly and intentionally executed that agenda, and I think she should be proud.

“She’s doing a phenomenal job making reality television. … RuPaul’s Drag Race’s third design challenge closed the door to me and opened a window, hopefully, to performing on Broadway and having a career with longevity. “

In contrast, she questioned Plane Jane’s potential post-Drag Race legacy: “I don’t know necessarily if being a shady c— on reality television opens that many windows for Plane Jane in the future, but that’s not something I’m going to worry about. … She’s a true talent; the world’s next bodysuit atelier!”

On next week’s episode of Drag Race, the queens take on a political challenge as they “let their voices be heard as they write and perform verses for a political anthem challenge called ‘Power’.”