Kandy Muse has been “removed” from an upcoming tour in Australia.

On 31 July, the RuPaul’s Drag Race star told her fans that ‘In the Dark’ – “the most successful Australian LGBTQIA+ event producers of the last decade” – has cut her from the tour due to “negative feedback”.

The news was met with condemnation from Kandy’s supporters and, in a follow-up tweet, she revealed that the company retaliated by blocking her on Instagram.

The incident compelled Mistress Isabelle Brooks to share her own grievances with ‘In the Dark’, telling fans that they ‘abruptly cancelled’ her tour with fellow season 15 alum Luxx Noir London “in the middle of the night without any notice or conversation with the talent or our management”.

Describing the company as “a collection of clowns who are playing with people’s livelihoods, time and money,” Mistress said she and Luxx were left “clueless” to deal with “countless fans” who were under the impression that they cancelled their own tour.

“Their poor decision making also made us block off weeks in our calendar with lead to us missing out on thousands of dollars of work, and turning down other opportunities,” she wrote.

“Truthfully to me money is not the main priority or the focal point of what upset me with this situation. What is most upsetting is the way they went about treating out fans and supporters, then leaving us to clean up their mess.

“Things like this is a story as old as time and things that leave a bad taste in peoples mouth.”

Mistress continued to accuse ‘In the Dark’ of duping other Drag Race queens and POC artists “who are already prone to getting taken advantage of in this industry. The same company who prides themselves on being inclusive and showcasing queer artists from around the world”.

Luxx corroborated Mistress’ statement, writing: “This all feels familiar… right.”

Kandy recently made her Drag Race comeback on the eighth season of All Stars, where she placed runner-up behind Jimbo.

Following the finale, she issued a statement on Twitter where she updated her fans on how she was doing.

Kandy wrote: “Doing finale week while packing up my apartment and getting ready for Werq the World was hell, but my apartment is all packed up and I leave on a world tour tomorrow- starting this new chapter of my life! Nervous, scared, excited, all the feelings!”

In another tweet, the queen added that doing Drag Race “back to back was great but now I’m ready to actually live this new life I have and enjoy it.”

“Excited to start new projects and meet you all around the world!” she continued.