And given her finishing at the top of the leaderboard, she could be on her way there.

Courtney Act has revealed that if she wins Dancing with the Stars, she will donate the prize money to Black Rainbow, a charity that supports the indigenous LGBTQ community.

Jake Gablonski, a youth leader for Black Rainbow, said: “At Black Rainbow we pride ourselves on ensuring our young mob feel they matter.”

And in a statement, the group said: “Having Courtney Act show her support gives us comfort in knowing that the work of Black Rainbow, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQI people, matter in the wider community.

“As young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, our identity is the essence of our connection to who we are and accepting the added identity of being LGBTQI can be a difficult process to navigate.

“However, visible support on a public scale from an icon like Courtney is an important step towards ensuring our mob feel safe enough to be themselves.”

The money that Courtney could donate will fund research at the Curtin University. The money will allow the university to conduct research into suicide, self-harm and resilience among the indigenous community.

No such formal research has ever been carried out on this, despite the indigenous community being three times more likely to die from suicide when compared to other Australians.

And given how Courtney slayed her first performance on the show, getting 23 marks out of a possible 30, she could potentially win the competition.

Watch her performance below.

The 16th season of Dancing With The Stars is the first in four years. It airs every Monday in Australia on Network 10.