The actress will be joining the show in its latest series.

It has been confirmed that Chelsea Handler has been cast in the latest series of Will & Grace as “high-powered” lesbian, Donna Zimmer.

Not many details have been announced about Handler’s character, but Entertainment Weekly reports that she will be a client of Grace’s, and that she would begin dating Grace’s sister Janet. Although it is not yet known when Handler’s character will appear in the series, Entertainment Weekly confirmed that she had begun production.

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Earlier this year, Megan Mullally (Karen) confirmed that Meryl Streep almost made a special guest appearance on the beloved sitcom. In an interview with Digital Spy, Mullally revealed: “I wanted Meryl Streep to come on, but now she’s going to do Big Little Lies.

“They tried to get her the first time around, and apparently they almost got her. But she didn’t do it. I’m sure there are people that I can’t think of.”

And if you’re in need of some Will & Grace magic as you wait for the new series to come out, amateur LEGO designer Mark Fitzpatrick has created a set based off of the sitcom.

However, for it to become a reality it needs 10,000 signatures of support on the LEGO Ideas website. Currently, the set has 940 supporters and 401 days left before it fails.