John Whaite has doubled down on his shirtless photos in a pointed message to haters. 

Since bursting onto the scene in 2012 with his winning appearance on The Great British Bake Off, the beloved talent has crafted a successful career as a celebrity chef and TV personality. 

In addition to his aforementioned feats, the 34-year-old baker has cultivated a dedicated following on Instagram, where he posts an array of content, including the occasional gym selfie and thirst trap. 

While most of Whaite’s followers have embraced his handful of cheeky photos, they have also generated a few complaints from disgruntled fans. 

On 8 March, the A Flash in the Pan author took to his Instagram Story to highlight a recent critique he received on one of his shirtless gym photos.

“Posted this story yesterday, then got this message,” he wrote alongside the DM from the unidentified individual, which read (per Out): “This is why I stopped following you, don’t want to see your body (nice as it is). You mentioned this in your book, and you are going that route again. 1 less follower.”

Whaite went on to say that he deleted the story due to the person’s harsh reaction, adding that he felt “ashamed and guilty for being a showoff/self-indulgent.”

While the Chopping Block star initially took the brutal comments to heart, he soon realised that person only accepted a part of him that they “deemed suitable.” 

“Well, I’m done offering “versions” of myself to please other people. I’m a proud baker, a proud businessman, a proud weightlifter, a proud amateur guitarist, a proud husband, a proud son, a proud uncle,” he continued.

“I am many different things to many different people, but I’ll never be one single thing. As my wise mum says: you can’t have bits of people, you accept them for all they are, or not at all.” 

This isn’t the first time Whaite has called out online trolls for critiquing his fitness photos. 

Back in 2021, the beloved talented took to Instagram to give insight into his workout journey after some of his fans called him “another muscle Mary.”

“I don’t work out, so I can post pictures of myself on Instagram. I don’t work out because I feel having a muscular body shape makes me a better person. I work out because I am bulimic and because I’ve struggled with body dysmorphia since I was a little boy,” he wrote. 

“Going to the gym is my way of keeping things under control. It allows me to feel like I have a small grip on the rudder of my life.” 

Toward the end of his statement, he encouraged his followers to practice what they preach and be kind because you never know what someone else is going through. 

“If you feel the need to comment on someone else’s life, direct that energy inwards and focus on yourself. It’ll make you a better person,” he concluded.