It looks like Du Beke has got his eye on Jason Bell. 

Late last week, Strictly Come Dancing star Du Beke revealed who he would like to partnered up with for this season of the competition.

Speaking to Channel 4 host Steph McGovern, the professional dancer announced his interest in American football and being paired with NFL icon Jason Bell.

Commenting on the new line up, which will include British boxing Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams as the first contestant to have a same-sex dance partner, Du Beke described the new contestants as a “great bunch”.

“I’m quite excited about Jason Bell, the American footballer,” he said.

“He’ll do for me! It’s my guilty pleasure really – American football fan, I love it! I really love it. So I’m excited about him coming on, I can’t wait.”

It’s yet to be announced who the contestants have been partnered with, but Du Beke did give away information about some elements of the show already being recorded.

“Normally in August we do all the group number rehearsals and we put them all together and then as soon as the series starts we revisit them during the series and then we do them on the show day,” he explained.

“Those are pre-recorded just before the show starts and then they’re slotted into the show.

“But we’ve done them all in advance now so we had to bubble all together in a hotel, it was just the pros together and a couple of choreographers and stuff. So all the numbers are done and filmed and they’re brilliant.”

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