Cruises inspired by adventure

Celebrity Cruises reveal that the 53% of brits include adventure and travel in their yearly schedule and the queer community are over twice as likely to take an adventure holiday than the national average. Seems like the LGBTQ brits really do like to explore.

Celebrity Cruises’ and Ben Fogle have collectively designed for shore excursions. Designed to enable Celebrity Cruises’ guests to experience the culture, history, wildlife and environment at ports of call throughout Europe, the Caribbean and Alaska, Ben Fogle’s Great Adventures feature everything from scaling a volcano to
racing a yacht.

Fogle’s global travels have been the inspiration of these eleven new and inspiring activities in some of the planet’s most awe-inspiring locales, including:Ocean Yacht

Racing in Antigua

Indulge that competitive spirit and set sail getting as hands-on as guests want – work the winches, trim the main sail or even take the helm and steer the yacht to victory. Or they can simply sit back and enjoy the incredible views and soak up the sun.


Mount Liamuiga Volcano Hike in St. Kitts

Climb to lofty new heights and ascend through the tropical rainforest, enjoying the incredible flora and fauna to the rim of the dormant volcano’s crater. Once at the peak enjoy the reward of stunning panoramic views, even over to neighbouring islands on a clear day.


Icy Strait Point Kayak Adventure in Alaska

Become immersed in nature and paddle among the raw beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. Explore remote bays and spot the local wildlife including sea lions, eagles and even brown bears on the shore.


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