Fellow Travelers star Jonathan Bailey has revealed his hopes for more LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the Bridgerton universe.

Over the last three years, the Regency-era drama has ruled the streaming world due to its scandalous plotlines and glamorous backdrop.

The show has also received widespread acclaim from critics, with many lauding the series for its diversity and incredible performances from its talented cast.

However, alongside the show’s positive praises, queer fans have also criticised the series for its lack of LGBTQIA+ representation.

Before the first season premiered, a trailer highlighted a gay sex scene between two characters, but ultimately this storyline was side-lined.

Since then, fans have called on the Bridgerton writers to add more LGBTQIA+ characters, with many asking for the series to include a lead gay protagonist.

Fortunately for queer viewers, their sentiments are also shared by Bailey, who plays the hunky Viscount Anthony Bridgerton.

In a recent interview with Bustle, the Wicked: Part 1 star said: “I’m always hopeful for inclusion in that way. There’s so much that Bridgerton has achieved in storytelling.

“There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that with the brilliance of Shondaland, everyone’s gonna see themselves in the story at some point, I’m sure.”


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Bailey isn’t the only one to express an interest in LGBTQIA+ representation in Bridgerton.

Back in January, the author of the book series, Julia Quinn, expressed her support for the Netflix adaptation to feature a gay protagonist.

“I love it. There is a gay character, Henry Granville, but secondary. It would be great if there were a [gay] protagonist,” she told Cosmopolitan Spain.

“One of the things that the series has achieved in an extraordinary way is to perfectly imitate the kind of emotions you feel when you read a romantic novel, which is the reason why people read the novels.

“They make you feel good, and the main reason is because they show a world in which anyone has the right to be happy.”


While we’ll still have to wait for queer representation in Bridgerton, its spin-off – Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story – introduced the first LGBTQ+ romance into the franchise.

In the limited series, which follows the titular character and her rise to power, a younger version of Brimsley (Sam Clemmett) is featured having a secret affair with King George’s secretary Reynolds (Freddie Dennis).

Unlike Bridgerton, the two characters’ touching queer love story is shown consistently throughout the six-episode series, which includes various heartwarming moments and steamy love scenes.

Here’s to hoping we’ll see an LGBTQIA+ love story in the beloved series soon.