Hannifah Mohammad for GAY TIMES Magazine

Heartstopper actors Joe Locke and Kit Connor have addressed incidents in which fans of the show disrespected their privacy.

The two delved into the negative side of overnight fame in a new interview with Teen Vogue.

Locke has revealed that a Heartstopper fan called his grandmother and that his mother had to create new social media accounts due to strangers attempting to message or locate her.

“It’s a mutual thing,” he told the publication. “I need to learn my boundaries and people need to learn their boundaries. Most attention comes from a really good place, and I hope I always appreciate that.”

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Connor was pressured to speak on his sexuality last year, a situation which he shed more light on in the interview.

“It felt like certain people didn’t quite understand the show and the original message that we were trying to portray in season one,” he states.

Connor also expressed enduring optimism that the show’s positive message will properly reach its audience: “If that’s the case, we’ll just keep hammering it home in season two and hope that people listen.

“It’s regrettable what happened to me. I think it was a bit disappointing. The reaction that I got in just trying to be myself and trying to discover myself and putting boundaries up. But despite that, I was still happy.

“If people can take something positive out of it, if it’s benefited anyone, then that’s great.”

The two stars continue to receive critical acclaim for their performances as Nick and Charlie in the hit Netflix series Heartstopper.

Heartstopper season two is available on Netflix now.