Heartstopper star Joe Locke has revealed his favourite storyline from season two. 

On 3 August, fans will finally be reunited with the Truman Grammar and Higgs School for Girls gang for the show’s highly anticipated second season. 

Based on the beloved graphic novel and webcomic of the same name, the new batch of episodes will follow Charlie Spring (Locke) and Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) as they “navigate their new relationship”.

The synopsis adds: “Tara and Darcy face unforeseen challenges, and Tao and Elle work out if they can ever be more than just friends. With exams on the horizon, a school trip to Paris and a prom to plan, the gang has a lot to juggle as they journey through the next stages of life, love and friendship.”

Ahead of its highly anticipated premiere, Locke spilt the tea on all things Heartstopper season two in an interview with  TV Insider, including his favourite storyline.

“The Tao and Elle story this season, I think, is my favourite in any story of the season. I think it’s really gorgeously played out, because I think there’s this idea sometimes of Heartstopper that just simplifies what teenage relationships are,” he explained. 

“With the Tao and Elle story, there’s a lot of chewing and fraying. Will they, won’t they, but in a different way to what’s Nick and Charlie’s relationship, which is great. This Heartstopper [season] is all about showing different types of relationships.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, Locke gave insight into how his character has changed between season one and season two, describing Charlie as “more confident”. 

“He’s more confident in himself, he’s more confident in the person he loves, he’s more confident in his friendships, which was really fun to play,” he explained. 

“I think also Charlie, along with the whole show, matures in Season two – especially the last four episodes you see that more than the first four. But the show is like… We’re growing up with these characters.” 

In addition to Locke and Connor, season two will see the return of Yasmin Finney as Elle Argent, William Gao as Tao Xu, Corinna Brown as Tara Jones, Kizzy Edgell as Darcy Olsson, Tobie Donovan as Isaac Henderson, Jenny Walser as Tori Spring, Sebastian Croft as Ben Hope.

New cast members include Bel Priestly as Naomi, Ash Self as Felix, Thibault de Montalembert as Nick’s father Stephane, Jack Barton as Nick’s older brother David, Leila Khan as Sahar Zahid, Nima Taleghani as Mr Farouk and Bradley Riches – who previously played a student in season one – as James McEwan.

Heartstopper season two launches on 3 August on Netflix. Watch the first official trailer below.