Country music icon Dolly Parton paid tribute to the late Leslie Jordan in a recent episode of his Fox series Call Me Kat.

Back in October, the LGBTQ+ icon tragically passed away at the age of 67. According to a report from TMZ, the beloved star suffered a “medical emergency” after crashing his BMW into the side of a building.

In an official statement, Jordan’s agent David Schaul confirmed his death before stating that the world was “definitely a much darker place today” without his “love and light”.

“What he lacked in height, he made up for in generosity and greatness as a son, brother, artist, comedian, partner and human being. Knowing that he has left the world at the height of both his professional and personal life is the only solace one can have today.”

Since Jordan’s tragic death, the entertainment industry has continued to showcase their love for the Will and Grace star, including his Fox series Call Me Kat.

Before his passing, the 67-year-old starred as Phil, a newly single gay man that worked in the titular character’s (Mayim Bialik) bakery.

On 5 January, the series closed out his character’s storyline by having Phil and his love interest Jalen (John Griffin) marry and run away to Tahiti.

In addition to the cast breaking the fourth wall to acknowledge the American Horror Story star’s death – the episode also included an emotional tribute from Parton.

After singing their duet Where the Soul Never Dies, the 9 to 5 singer stated: “I know usually at a memorial people talk about somebody. “Well, I’m going to talk to you, because there is that place on the other side and I’m certainly going to see you there, little brother.

“You left a lot of people here with a lot of precious memories. Everybody loved you, but I doubt many of them loved you more than I did. I just want you to know that we all love you. We all miss you, and I bet you’re laughing a big laugh over all of us being sad and sorrowful, and I know that would be the last thing you want us to be.”

The heartbreaking tribute left a mark on fans, who flocked to social media to share their emotional reactions.

One person tweeted: “Call Me Kat did a really moving tribute to Leslie Jordan, complete with Dolly Parton, and I am sobbing.”

Another fan wrote: “Watching the Leslie Jordan tribute episode of Call Me Kat. So well done. @missmayim and cast did phenomenally. Cheyenne Jackson crying got me. And a beautiful tribute by @DollyParton. Farewell Hunker buddy.”

Check out the cast tribute to Leslie Jordan here or below.