And Just Like That’s showrunner has opened up about Kim Cattrall’s highly anticipated return.

Earlier this month, Variety revealed that the beloved talent would be reprising her iconic character – Samantha Jones – in the season two finale of  Max’s revival slash continuation of Sex and the City.

While the sex-positive PR boss will be strutting back into the long-running franchise, the 66-year-old’s cameo is set to be very brief.

According to the news outlet, Cattrall will appear in one scene in which Samantha has a phone conversation with Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw.

Since the events of Sex and the City 2, the two characters became estranged after Carrie dropped Samantha as her publicist.

The season one finale of And Just Like That memorably concluded with Carrie reaching out to Samantha over text and agreeing to meet in London to rekindle their friendship.

With the first two episodes of And Just Like That season two currently streaming on Max, showrunner Michael Patrick King spilt all the behind-the-scenes tea about Cattrall’s return to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I did not start this season thinking Samantha would ever appear in the show. Now, my Samantha has always been in And Just Like That,” he said.

“And in actuality, the audience saw Carrie texting with her and she sent flowers [in season one]. And in my writer’s sense, when I’m away from the screen, they’re calling and seeing each other.”

Patrick King went on to describe Cattrall’s return as behind-the-scenes “magic.”

“And I think, I don’t know, something about the 25th anniversary, the fans have always asked for Samantha and something happened where all of a sudden I was like, ‘Well, maybe if it’s a possibility, I can come up with a small beautiful little treat.’ And that’s what happened,” he explained.

While Cattrall’s role is small in the season finale, Patrick King didn’t deny the possibility of more Samantha Jones in future seasons.

“I didn’t even know that this was happening when I started to write season two. But Samantha is always in my mind as a character that exists in the world,” he added.

Cattrall’s upcoming And Just Like That appearance comes after years of the legendary star shutting down rumours of her reprising the iconic character.

“It’s a great wisdom to know when enough is enough. I also didn’t want to compromise what the show was to me. I made my feelings clear after the possible third movie. The series is basically the third movie,” she told Variety in 2022.

“That’s how creative it was,” she explained, adding that it was “odd” for And Just Like That to continue to use her character in the narrative.

The And Just Like That season two finale, aka Samantha’s highly anticipated return, is set to air in August.