Facebook: (National Gay Flag Football League)
Facebook: National Gay Flag Football League)

A new reality series following the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL) is headed to a TV near you.

According to a report from Outsports, the show is titled Flags and is set to be produced by game1 alongside veteran TV producer Brenton Metzler.

Metzler, who has played for the league’s Los Angeles team, revealed that the series is an “absolute dream come true.”

“I’m just happy to be able to help the league in the one way I know I can. That league saved and changed me just like it does everybody,” he exclaimed.

This past weekend, a film crew attended the NGFFL’s annual Gay Bowl to highlight the event for the show.

The tournament featured 60 teams and three Open Divisions including a Women’s Division.

Founder and CEO of game1 Greg Economou described the series as “bigger than flag football.”

“Flags is precisely the right story at the right time with themes that are more culturally relevant than ever before and hopefully providing the ability to create an imprint on society that needs to be made right now,” he told Outsports.


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“This story is bigger than flag football or even sports. It is about humanity and the push to create unity and pride throughout sports and society.”

NGFFL commissioner Shigeo Iwamiya echoed similar sentiments to Economou and said the series will shine a spotlight on LGBTQ+ athletes.

“Having a series like this can widen the reach for LGBTQ+ communities and promote LGBTQ+ athletes across the world,” Iwamiya explained.

“And for people that don’t see themselves in a sport might find a sense of belonging and a renewed sense of connectivity in something they really love as well.”

The announcement of Flags follows a recent wave of LGBTQ+ representation within the sports industry.

Over the last few months, players from popular sports like football, baseball and hockey have made historic coming-out announcements.

From Carl Nassib and Luke Prokok to Bryan Ruby and Kieran Lovegrove, players are slowly but surely stepping into their truth publicly and proudly.


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