Love, Simon star Miles Heizer has been tapped to lead Netflix’s new military drama, The Corps.

Based on former Greg Cope White’s memoir The Pink Marine, the 10-episode series is set to follow “bullied, gay high school student” Cameron as he enlists in the Marine Corps with his straight best friend Ray in “hopes that he’ll finally be made into a ‘real man.'”

The synopsis reads: “It’s a dangerous move at a time when being gay in the military meant a prison sentence or worse. The two friends plunge into Marine Corps boot camp — amid both literal and metaphorical land mines — joining a platoon of young men on a harrowing journey of transformation.”

Heizer will be playing Cameron, with The Thing About Harry star Liam Oh stepping into the role of Ray – who is described as “the ultimate ride or die best friend for Cameron and son of a strict Marine father.”

“He carries the pressure of having to be best at all times, but when boot camp shakes his faith in himself, he is forced to reevaluate his life’s trajectory,” Ray’s character description reads.

In addition to Heizer and Oh, The Conjuring star Vera Farmiga has signed on to play Barbra, Cameron’s “narcissistic mother” who’s “always on the run due to the consequences of her actions.”

Rounding out the main cast is Vampire Academy’s Max Parker, who is set to play Sgt. Sullivan, a celebrated marine who is “struggling to keep his secret hidden.”

“Haunted by his past, Sullivan sees himself in Cameron and tries to prepare him for the same personal war he’ll face beyond boot camp,” the Netflix description adds.

Angus O’Brien, Cedrick Cooper, Ana Ayora, Kieron Moore and Nicholas Logan, Blake Burt, and Logan Gould are also set to star in the series.

Lastly, Tales of the City creator Andy Parker has joined the drama as showrunner – with TV legend Norman Lear, One Day At A Time producer Brent Miller and The Last of Us director Peter Hoar stepping in as executive producers.

Shortly after the news made headlines, Cope White took to Instagram to express his excitement about bringing his memoir to life.

“The news is out: My book is adapted for a Netflix series. I shaved my 62-year-old head in case they need me to play 18-year-old me,” he wrote alongside a photo of himself with the cast.

“I’m thrilled by all this. I get to work with incredible writers, actors & crew.
The Marine Corps, Dale Kiker & Norman Lear – keep changing my life!”

As of this writing, production on the series is currently on hold due to the ongoing WGA strike.


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