Måneskin are here to share their untold story.

Earlier this year, the Italian rock band announced news of their third studio album, RUSH!, to eager fans and critics, which readily explores identity, the highs and lows of fame, and Måneskin’s signature sound.

In their cover story for GAY TIMES, Måneskin are ready to write their legacy in their own words. The band wants their sound to appeal to wider audiences and let their accomplishments speak for themselves.

“We’ve gained a lot of successful things in the last year and we’re really happy about all the paths we’re going through,” drummer Ethan Torchio says. “We never had a specific ambition to gain or to achieve anything. It’s all about how we approach it day by day.”

Ready to take their next steps, the four-piece have proudly showcased their creative ambitions in their new record. “We all have a very clear vision — we are very bitchy,” Victoria De Angelis says confidently, smiling. “We have very specific ideas. Being only four [of us] and not having overproduction, we think that our individual sound really makes the difference.”

“We have found our synthesis in diversity. This record is a point of pride and artistic growth for us,” Damiano David agrees.

Their new album, RUSH! captures the spark of each member. “Each of us had the freedom to follow our own personal direction. This time we didn’t look for the synthesis, the lowest common denominator between our different personalities, but we kind of added them up, exalted them all to the same level, and despite everything I think we still retained our identity,” Victoria tells GAY TIMES.

Speaking of identity, the band also took time to self-reflect on their relationships with labels and one another. “I don’t really know how to identify. In the past years, I’ve been identifying as bi, but, lately, I’m having no interest in boys. I’m discovering [my identity is] developing,” Victoria says.  “I like some girls and then it changes to ‘okay, I almost don’t like any boys at all’. It is something constantly… It’s lesbian but also Harry Styles.” 

Circling back to her line of thought, the bassist proves she’s hardcore with her closing line — “It’s just who you are and you can really express yourself and I think this is like what matters the most and what we think is real rock and roll and freedom.”

Nodding, frontman Damiano admits he’s taking on “more knowledge” to better himself as an ally — “I’m fully straight but this doesn’t stop me from being an ally. I’m on the side that has to learn new things.” 

The band’s public discussion of identity has been one they’ve decidedly kept close to their chest, until now. “We understand people can get very affected by [speculation] because they’re making themselves sure of what they are and how to express [themselves] to their parents or to their friends,” Ethan empathises. As a member who has faced the brunt of opinion, the drummer pauses, choosing his words carefully: “[Trying] to guess people’s sexualities is one of the worst things to do — it’s very bad.” 

While headlines and gossip have eagerly followed the 20-something rockers, Måneskin are focusing their energy on being the best spokespeople they can be.  No matter what gets thrown their way, it looks like Måneskin are ready to face it head on. “Being part of this generation it’s hard. It’s useful to take some strong positions on topics, because we need some strong actions. We’re just trying to do our part,” Thomas elaborates, explaining Måneskin’s move to be controversial every now and then. “We also try to improve ourselves every day.” 

With their latest record, RUSH!, out now, Måneskin will be back in London playing a sold-out show at The O2 arena. If fans missed out on tickets, they can catch the band at Rough Trade signing this Sunday (22 January) — you can buy tickets here.

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